Asthma can be described as a condition of an individual feeling difficulty in breathing, in which the air passage, and the lungs , are involved in an activity of allergic reaction and the air route of breathing is effected because the passage becomes sensitive and narrows down by irritation with an increased sticky mucus (phlegm) forming, making it harder for breath to be taken in easily or to breathe out easily , a feeling of tightness in the chest & wheezing sound and cough accompanies such condition. The allergies can be due to anything like, from a change in season to, dust , polluted atmosphere, industrial pollution, fumes, smells, sudden climatic changes etc. Inhalation of allergens ( that ingredient/substance which causes the allergy, is called allergen) like fungal pores , pollen dust , animal allergens , dust mites , bacterial/viral infections, certain type of foods and food additives such as tartarazine, physical exercise especially in cold season as well as certain type of medicines (not to forget worry , tensions and stress ) are few of the many reasons for asthmatic bouts.

The effects may vary from a mild feeling of uncomfortability in breathing which is barely noticeable, to a sudden bout of breathlessness where an individual may panic owing to its severity. Though cases may even be moderate too. The bout may sometimes be a very brief one and/or sometimes the asthmatic attack can be severe. Some conditions of eczema, hay fever & asthma are believed to be having a genetical connection, giving a view that they are inheritable. Though there is much about asthma that is yet to be understood.

Some children with mild symptoms grow up to improve in their condition and may not need the required medication. But a sudden and /or severe asthmatic bout is alarming and needs to be looked into quickly , because the restlessness, faster heartbeat and difficulty to talk due to lack of oxygen ‘s availability, can cause immense pain and stress the person beyond bearable limits causing fingernails , lips becoming bluish or grayish in color .such dangerous situation demands hospitalization. 

Asthma is usually attended to, by giving salbutamol inhaler/nebulizer and medicines which help in relaxing the air passage all the way to lungs to ease up the way and thus provide relief.


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