When tissue dies because of a lack of blood supply, it is called gangrene. It usually occurs in fingers or toes.


When gangrene sets in, the tissue and skin turn a dark black color. There is a loss of sensation and feeling but some pain may be felt at or around the area of affliction.


Arteries carrying blood can narrow, not allowing the blood supply to reach tissue, allowing gangrene to set in. People with atherosclerosis sometimes experience gangrene. People with Diabetes have increased chances of being affected by gangrene because of its impact on blood vessels. The body’s ability to fight infection is also reduced in a diabetic patient which is one of the reasons gangrene is prevalent in people with diabetes.


Antibiotics are used to fight infection. Blood circulation in the affected area is very important and different methods are used to improve circulation. If the tissue has died, then amputation is necessary along with an antibiotic regimen to avoid further infection and possible death. 



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