Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)


SIDS is short for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. This is an unexplained phenomenon wherein a Healthy baby child ranging from a month to a year old, may suddenly die without any reason. SIDS is found to be unpredictable as far as the reasons are concerned and doctors are still groping in type dark to find the reasons for such mysterious death. The very nature of this death occurrence in infants is very frightening as it strikes without any warning when a child sleeps. Doctors are baffled at the way these deaths go unexplained. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is one of the greatest challenges that the World's Medical Research is faced with. SIDS is one of the major causes for infant deaths compared to other causes like diseases and child health problems.


Even though the child may have been a healthy one in all aspects there are many questions yet to be answered as to what causes these sudden deaths with the infant showing no sign of sufferings of any type at all. Neither the autopsy nor any other investigation has ever been able to explain the causes or related events that might have caused the sudden death of a child in state of deep sleep. It has been noted that more deaths of SIDS occur during the age of 2 - 4 months especially during cold weather. Although doctors are trying to pinpoint the reasons or at least ascertain as to what type of babies are at risk of SIDS, not one single reason has been established as an adequate cause. Hence it is opined that there can be many conditions which contribute to risk factors that might lead to SIDS.


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is as mysterious as it sounds since no symptoms are found that indicate the Death Strike. Infect Scientists are at a loss of explanation mores because the child's death occurs in sleep and tricks without any indication or symptom. Adding more to the confusion is the fact that it strikes a healthy child and is not connected to any form of disease.


Since SIDS doesn't have any symptoms or explained factor as a cause, no prior diagnosis can be done to ascertain that SIDS is underway or going to strike its lethal blow. The death due to SIDS is noted only after the baby has died. This death occurs only while sleeping.


No treatment exists for something that remains unseen and unexplained, but theories of prevention of SIDS are available and hence it is the best that can be done and followed hoping to prevent SIDS.


Though all of suggestions for prevention of SIDS is Theoretical observation, it is advised to follow some of the methods that might contribute to SIDS. These include the following as potential and high risk factors that otherwise if managed well, might help in a better care.


  1.  Always let the baby sleep on it back and avoid it sleeping on its stomach or sides.( SIDS deaths have been found to have occurred to babies sleeping on stomachs)

  2. Have a good prenatal care.

  3. Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco etc, during pregnancy are very harmful and can be a risk factor for SIDS

  4. Teen Mothers can be at risk of giving birth to a baby which might succumb to SIDS.

  5. Avoid baby to exposure of smoke and closed poorly ventilated surroundings.

  6. Babies born premature or with a low weight at birth can be at risk of SIDS.

  7. A Baby should get fresh air during its sleep and must be given proper covering to accommodate fresh air flow for breathing as well as air for its body.

  8. Frequent breast feeding is healthy for the baby and might contribute in preventing SIDS


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